Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Experts urge 'water democracy'

Emphasising the need for 'water democracy' in the world to save the rivers experts have said present government policies all over were killing water sources.

To stop rivers from plying there is an urgent need for environmentalists, policymakers and authorities concerned to ensure that corporates do not wrest away the benefits of numerous water projects, including dams, set up to benefit the common man, they say.

"There is 'lack of political will' among nations to defeat the corporate globalisation of water pollution. The policies we follow create pollution and kill rivers. Building dams and canals heats up water, kills the fish and causes serious social and ecological issues," according to US-based activist. Scott Edwards.

Edwards, who is a member of International Water Keeper Alliance, a grassroots international organistion, and a lawyer by profession who has claimed to have sued several times the Bush administration for its 'faulty' policies, says that India needs implementation of strict environmental laws to protect its rivers.

"We want to bring a water democracy by ensuring that every drop is conserved, harvested and shared by people. Government policies, globalisation and massive funding for water projects in the name of water reforms will benefit corporates only and will take away water from the poor to the rich, says Ramon Magsaysay Award winner, Rajendra Singh.


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